Purchase & Delivery Terms

Before buying from us at Busck, we would like you to review our purchase and delivery terms.

Terms & Conditions

Prices quoted are free of charge at our warehouse in Kållered. Prices include packaging but not value added tax. Copper surcharges are not added. All pallets are charged and not taken back. The right to change the design, technical data, dimensions and prices without prior notice is reserved.

For delivery, General Delivery Conditions NL 17 apply. See Teknikföretagen’s web site.


We provide a one-year warranty on our products, in addition to Brook Crompton’s products that have a two-year warranty.

Personal data

We store your company and address information and similar contact information. In addition, information about purchases, total order amount and item number are stored. The information is used by Busck for the fulfillment of both our and your rights and obligations, and to provide information for newsletters et c.

Information supported by the data in the registry can be transferred to you by email only by us at Busck. The information is never disclosed to other companies, for marketing purposes or for any other purpose.