Busck Single phase motors MY and ML

In order for an electric motor to be self-starting, a rotating field in the motor is required. In a 3 phase motor this is accomplished by the phase shift in the three phases. In a single phase motor, an extra winding is required which is fed with a voltage phase shifted relative to the voltage across the main winding. This phase shift can be accomplished in different ways. The single phase motors are usually divided according to the method of generating this phase shift.

Busck MY Run capacitor – low starting torque

A capacitor with low capacitance is permanently connected in series with the auxiliary connection. Starting torque is lower than for start-up motors. The operating performance is good. This type is suitable for example for fans and centrifugal pumps. Single phase motors with operating capacitors are manufactured according to European Standard IEC 34-1. The motors are aluminum, painted in color RAL 9005 and have removable feet.

  • Good performance, safety and reliable operation
  • Nice appearance and can be maintained very conveniently
  • Low noise, little vibration, light weight and simple construction
  • Starting torque is 0.3~0.7
Busck ML Start and run capacitor – high starting torque

In this case, the motor is equipped with two capacitors, one of which is broken off by a centrifugal switch or relay when the motor has come up to speed. The capacitors are dimensioned so that both in parallel connection provide optimum starting conditions while the fixed-in capacitor is dimensioned in terms of good characteristics in normal operation. Single phase motors with start and operation capacitor and centrifugal switch. The motors are manufactured according to European Standard IEC 34-1. The motors are aluminum and painted in color RAL 9005.

ML motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation, the multiple of starting torque is up to 2.5.

Up to 2.2 kW normally in stock.

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