Permanent Magnet AC Motors

A permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) uses permanent magnets embedded in the steel rotor to create a constant magnetic field.

Busck Permanent Magnet AC Motors

Busck WST Series PM motors are supplied with build-in permanent magnetic steel produced from rare earth permanent magnet material (NdFeB) which is with high coercive force and hypertonic magnetic induction force. The motor guarantees high performance while offering higher power density. Even in the case of overload, the motor can also show excellent electrical characteristics.

WST Series realized our goal to draw more power per frame, saving the space for installation considerably. The motor is able to output constant torque at all speed, and the efficiency indicators are even better than those of induction motor at low speed.

The efficiency indicators of WST Series are in accordance with IE5 and IE4 levels defined by IEC60034-30, 2014.

WST Series are equipped with EM30 inverter, which can be applied where is damp, full of dust or vibration. The inverter adopts open heat fins, which can fully ensure the cooling effect, and are easy to clean and flexible to install. The EM30 inverter can be widely applied in general equipment such as pumps, ventilators, as well as electrical transmission occasions requiring higher level of protection.

Busck WST permanent magnet motors feature series of technical advantages such as running at various speed, precise control at low speed, low noise, compact structure, etc. The motors are widely used where speed variation, high efficiency, low noise levels and reduced volume are mandatory.


Main Tech Specifications:

  • Frame Size: 71-315mm
  • Output Power: 0.55-400kW
  • Speed: 4500, 3600, 3000, 1800, 1500r/m
  • Poles: 6
  • Protection Class: IP55 or above
  • Insulation Class: F or above
  • Cooling Method: IC411/IC416


  • Water Treatment
  • Air Handling
  • Chemical & Metallurgy
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Milling
  • Food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical
  • Energy; Oil; Gas; Petrochemical
  • Construction
  • Smelt Industry
  • Steel Plants


  • Pumps Motors
  • Compressors Motors
  • Elevators Motors
  • Ventilation Fans Motors
  • Conveyors Motors
  • Textile Machinery Motors
  • Hydraulic Pressure Motors
  • Wind Turbine Motors
  • Packaging Equipment Motors
  • Centrifugal Motors

Technical information

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