EMG flatbodied motors

EMG flatbodied motors are characterised by low weight, small size, a high level of operating safety and freedom from maintenance.

With a shaft height of just 66 mm in Model 80 and 57 mm in Model 71 the flat-type motors are especially well-suited as direct drives for wood, metal and stone circular saws, i. e. applications in which the motor shaft height directly influences the usable working range. Other typical applications are turning machines and lathes, band saws, dressing units, drilling, milling and grinding machines etc. The accurate-to-size housing of these motors consists of an aluminium press-drawn section, and the end shields are of diecast aluminium. The terminal box is mounted on the side and also contains the running capacitor on the single phase version. The motors are surface-cooled with a radial fan; the finned motor surface allows a high degree of utilisation, thus enabling a small size.

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