Coolant pumps

The production program includes a vast range of low and medium pressure electric centrifugal pumps in many different models, with steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass or plastic pump body designed for industrial applications and mainly for use in cooling, lubrication, washing and air-conditioning plants and anywhere where efficient water-oil emulsions and pure cutting oils are needed, with flow rates reaching 1,200 litres/min. And head of up to 160 metres. In particular, pump bodies are designed from the point of view of reliability, reasonable running costs, user safety and total elimination of risks of the pumped liquids overflowing or leaking.

Sacemi Gamar coolant pumps

Sacemi Gamar coolant pumps are suitable for transferring liquids containing impurities up to 3 mm in size.

Their hydraulic components: impeller and feed screw in nylon, pump body in aluminium allow them to be used with water, emulsions and oily substances in general, with a viscosity not exceeding 21 cSt (3° Engel). The temperature of the liquid must not exceed 70°C.

They are normally installed on a tank with a capacity which is proportional to their flow rate, about 4-5 cm from the bottom. It is important to make sure that the maximum liquid level in the tank is always 3-4 cm lower than the support flange. Should the liquid be particularly dirty, it is advisable to build a compartment tank in order to allow the sludge to deposit before it is sucked by the pump.

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