Busck worm gears and helical gear motors

With a wide range of gears, we can offer solutions for optimal power transmission in most situations. We have an extensive stock of worm gear, helical gears and gear motors and can offer fast deliveries, which are conditions that can save most situations that arise. Downtime is never welcome!

Busck worm gear type SB

Busck worm gear is a very reasonable priced worm gear. Worm gears in size SB025 – SB090 are made in aluminum and SB110-SB150 in cast iron. SB040, 050, 063 and 090 we also stock in a special execution with stainless steel hollow shaft and food approve oil.

Aluminum Cast iron
SB025 SB110
SB030 SB130
SB040 SB150
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Busck helical gear type CMG

Busck helical gear type CMG is a very reasonable priced helical gear. Feet and flanges are bolt on to the gearhead so that the gear is easily adapted after your requirements. Gearhead and motor flange are made in aluminum. Foot and output flange are made in cast iron. Gearwheels are grinded for quiet and long lasting duty.

The gears are lubricated for life with synthetical oil ISO VG320. The oil quantity is same for all dispositions.

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Busck Mechanical Variators

Busck mechanical variator type VB is available for motor sizes 63, 71 and 80. Compared to a frequency inverter the variator has the advantage that the torque is increased when the speed is reduced. The variator is normally mounted together with a worm gear to get desired speed.

A variator must be commissioned carefully and be run-in. Avoid max torque in the beginning. The speed must only be adjusted when the variator is running.

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Busck small geared motors

Busck small geared motors are affordable gear motors in the smaller range. Dimensions according to market standard. The gear motors are available in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with output from 6 to 200 W. The single phase motors has as standard thermal protector in series with the motor winding.

  • All shafts in the gear is fitted with ball bearing
  • Torque up to 10 Nm
  • Ratio 3–250:1
  • Size 3, 4 och 5 are in stock at Busck

Motor 5IK60 is equipped with cooling fan, smaller sizes are without. The motor code letters are as below:

  • C=1-fas 230 V
  • S=3×400 V
  • U=3×230 / 400 V
  • T=terminal box
  • P=thermal protection
  • F=fan
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Busck helical bevel gear type CMB

Busck helical bevel gears type CMB is fully interchangeable with Busck worm gears type SB. Unlike worm gears this type of gear will provide an excellent efficiency. In some cases, this will make it possible to reduce motor output but still have the same outgoing torque. Maximum torque for the CMB gear is higher than for corresponding worm gear. The difference increases with increasing ratio.

As an example, comparison of SB063 with CMB0633 at ratio 80 and SF 1,0 gives that the helical bevel gear will stand a torque of 250 Nm while the worm gear will stand a torque of 122 Nm. The gears are life time lubricated with fully synthetic oil (viscosity VG 320) at delivery. Delivery time 6-8 weeks. Smaller quantities CMB402, CMB502, CMB603 och CMB903 ex stock.

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