The logo is our identity, our signature and hallmark. You’re welcome to use it in your marketing. It’s available here for download in different formats. Keep in mind that the Busck logo may never be changed or distorted, and must be reproduced in its entirety. Our main blue logo must be used as the first choice; the colour-inverted, white version may be used in exceptional cases. To ensure prominence, the clear zone around the logo must always be respected.

It’s easy to download the logos. Depending on your web browser, right click on the relevant link and select “Save Link as” or “Save target as“.


För webb

Busck, RGB, PNG-file

För tryck

Busck, CMYK, EPS-file
Busck, Pantone, EPS-file
Busck, Black, EPS-file

Colour of Busck logo

PMS: (SOLID UNCOATED) Pantone 287 U1
RGB: R12 G46 B130
CMYK: C96 M70,9 Y10,9 K2,35
HTML: #0C2E82