The knowledge and expertise our associates at Busck possess is what makes such a big difference for our customers. Whatever you need assistance with, be it technical issues or special solutions, we’re here to help you. Our customer service is world class, so all you need to do is pick up the phone and call.

Here’s where to look for contact information for everyone at Busck. If you don’t know who to contact, call our office or send an email to our info address and we’ll help you find the right person. You can find contact info here.

Magnus Ullman

CEO, Sales

+46 707-20 92 02

+46 31-87 09 02

Gösta Ullman

Economy, Sales, Marketing

As a partner in Busck and with overall financial responsibility, Gösta has control over Busck's entire operations. He receives inquiries and orders and has enormous knowledge after almost 30 years at the company. What was intended as a temporary job solution after graduation has become a solid career in the family business.

+46 708-23 05 13

+46 31-87 09 01

Erik Ullman

Purchasing, IT, Sales

+46 707-99 77 50

+46 31-87 09 09

Anders Calvander

Sales manager

Anders' first day at Busck was the same day that Busck moved in to its new premises in Kållered. At that time he started as a salesman for southern Sweden. In August 2018, he took over the position as sales manager. He leads and administers the sales work and coaches the sales force. In short, involved in most things related to sales. To compensate for an intense working day, Anders likes to spend time in the cabin or on the football field.

+46 707-30 80 10

Nina Lundblad


+46 31-87 09 08

Magnus Persson


+46 31-87 09 17

Christoffer Sarman


+46 31-87 09 18

Fredrik Anderberg

Regional Manager Southern Sweden

Location Malmö

+46 766-24 58 38

Per Jansa

Regional Manager Western Sweden

Location Kållered

+46 709-66 84 91

+46 31-87 09 12

Magnus Strömberg

Regional Manager South Eastern Sweden

After several years break from the sales profession, Magnus was lured over to Busck. With over ten years of experience in the motor and gear industry, he is a great asset to Busck and our customers.
As Magnus started at Busck, he also ended his 21-year career as a security guard at restaurants, sporting events and festivals around the country.
When there is time, he likes to take a ride on the motorcycle or engage in mushroom and berry picking. He likes whiskey and cooking, but everyone does, right?

Location Oskarshamn

+46 706-33 95 41

Johan Plantin

Regional Manager Mid Sweden

Johan Plantin started over 30 years ago in ABB's motor factory. For the past 27 years, he has been engaged in the sale of motors and frequency converters, in several customer segments. His great ambitions and previous experiences fit perfectly with our team.
In his spare time, it is motorhomes and motorcycles that occupy his time.

Location Västerås

+46 760-23 47 88

Ronnie Nilsson

Product specialist frequency inverters

In 2000, Ronnie Nilsson started as an industrial technician in Smålandsstenar. Since then, he has worked as a service and automation engineer and with technical sales. He possesses a broad application knowledge and puts the customer's needs first.
Privately, he likes beer brewing, diving and cold baths.

+46 31-87 09 05

Nina Björk


Nina monitors and follows up on our deliveries. She also takes care of invoicing and transport complaints. Her motto is that if the customer wants help, they should get it; one cannot say no before examining whether it is doable or not. In Nina, customer service is right at your fingertips.

+46 31 87 09 04

Katarina Tollén

Accounting Officer for Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Katarina is a real rock on Busck and works with issues concerning the economy in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. She started working at the company in 2007 and is together with Mari an internal auditor for our quality and environmental work.

+46 31-87 09 03

Jonas Börjesson

Warehouse manager

+46 31-87 09 14

Christoffer Bördal


When customers come into the warehouse to pick up ordered goods, there is a good chance that Christoffer will be the one to help them. He is one of the latest employees at Busck and rebuilds motors and ensures that they are packed properly before delivery.

+46 31 87 09 00

Mathias Noréus


+46 31-87 09 00

Mattias Börjesson


+46 31-87 09 00

Mikael Sandström


As a trained industrial and machine operator, Mikael operates the truck easily and freely. He picks orders and rebuilds motors and takes care of customers who come to the warehouse. In his spare time, he likes to fish, if he does not play basketball or football.

+46 31 87 09 00

Mikael Stiernqvist


+46 31-87 09 06

Niklas Kluge


Niklas keeps track of outgoing deliveries and makes priorities to best serve our customers. He makes sure that all employees are well and happy. In his spare time, he likes to play golf and invest in small businesses with an odd focus.

+46 31-87 09 13

Wiesław Sikora


Wieslaw is handling incoming goods and selected orders for specific customers. He has worked at Busck since 2003 and has incredible control of the warehouse, where everything is in order. The interest in sports is great and Wieslaw especially likes snooker, ski jumping and handball.

+46 31 87 09 00

Alf Karisaar


+46 31-87 09 16

Émile Möllersten


Émile performs workshop work and handles freight booking. The interest in cycling is great and he rides often and happily, whether it is to get to work or cycling around Mont Blanc.

+46 31-87 09 10

Frank Hagstedt


+46 31-87 09 00