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We´ll help you save energy and money

We offer a wide range of electric motors, generators, frequency inverters and gears – combined with quick deliveries.

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In addition to electric motors and other products from Busck, we also stock geared motors from Premium Stephan, electric motors from Brook Crompton, alternators from Mecc Alte, frequency inverters from Danfoss and coolant pumps from Sacemi. Under Our products you will find more information about our range. Under Documentation we have gathered data sheets, price lists and other documents for you to download. There is also our complete product catalog.

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Resellers of Busck electric motors can be found in several places in Scandinavia. On the page Resellers we list the companies that currently are marketing products from Busck. Search by city or postal code to easily find contact information for your nearest reseller.

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Whether it concerns an electric motor and its characteristics, ordering an alternator or more urgent deliveries in order to avoid downtime, you are welcome to contact us. You can reach us by phone, e-mail and Skype. General contact details you will find Contact us, while the contact details of a specific person, is found under Staff. Welcome!

Busck headoffice and warehouse in Kållered

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