Electric motors - and much more

When you buy products from Busck, you not only get high quality products at competitive prices, you also get the expertise and commitment that has characterised our family company since 1923. We have 40 000 electric motors up to 630kW in stock for immediate delivery, and we take great pride in our service and close relationship to our customers. Our expertise and rapid deliveries will give your company many advantages, both in day-to-day operations and economic performance.

Are you aware of the new efficiency requirements?

Due to the fact that the European Commission has decided on updates to efficiency requirements for electric motors, we want to inform you about what the changes will mean.

The updates will be implemented in two steps. The first on 2021-07-01 and the second on 2023-07-01. For Busck, step 1 means that Busck 3-phase motors 0.12-0.74kW and brake motors will have a new aluminum frame, the TA series, instead of the old MS series. Motors for short-term operation and 2-speed motors will continue to be the MS series. Step 2 means that the 1-phase motors will also be delivered in the TA series.

Busck supports UNHCR in Ukraine

We support UNHCR to ensure that families from Ukraine forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe. An escalation of the conflict in February 2022 has turned an already volatile situation into a full-scale emergency. People are fleeing their homes to try to find safety elsewhere within the country and are crossing borders into neighbouring countries. The situation remains extremely dangerous for anyone inside Ukraine and the vulnerability of those forced to flee is increasing rapidly, with more in need of immediate support.

To get more information about UNHCR and their work in Ukraine, visit https://www.unhcr.org/ukraine-emergency.html

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